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The Best Audio Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are the future. There are a lot of Bluetooth-enabled audio glasses in the marketplace to choose from. Here are some of the best audio smart glasses to consider and some of the top things to look for when buying one.

Some Of The Top Audio Smart Glasses:

1. Razer Anu

Razer is a company that is well known for producing some of the best PC and gaming accessories. However, they’ve recently entered the consumer electronics space and widened their audience. Their Anzu glasses are excellent. Not only are they water-resistant, but they deliver good sound. They are also relatively light making them comfortable to wear on your face. They have Bluetooth and a good battery that lasts upwards of 5 hours. Therefore, these glasses should be capable of day-to-day use.

2. Bose Tenor

This is another entry into the space. Bose is well known for producing some of the best audio devices in the marketplace. Bose’s brand is easily the leader in consumer-grade audio equipment. Their glasses are no different. Not only is the sound excellent, but they deliver 5 and a half hours of battery life and they are comfortable. They even have voice-calling capabilities. The biggest downside is that they don’t have an IPX rating which means you cannot get them wet.

3. Bose Tempo

As you can see, Bose is a very capable brand that makes some of the best consumer-grade audio products. The Tempo might be their best in the smart glass arena. They are not only good-looking, but they have an IPX rating of IPX4. This means they are splashproof. Having smart glasses that can withstand getting a little wet is key. After all, you will likely be wearing them while working out, walking outside, and more. You don’t want a little bit of water to ruin the fun.

Key Things To Look For When Buying Audio Glasses


The most important thing you want to look for when you are buying any kind of glasses is comfort. Comfort is likely your priority because no one wants to wear something big and heavy on their face. This is why you need to look for glasses that feature a lightweight and comfortable design. Looking at the reviews can be a good way to identify the most comfortable glasses to consider.


You also need to look at the technology that goes into the frames. You need to find the glasses that have all of the tech and features you want. You likely won’t be replacing them anytime soon. Because of this, you need to identify frames that have what you want both now and in the future.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when buying smart glasses. Some brands are delivering some excellent value for the money. The brands listed above are easily two of the best. Not only do they have good glasses that deliver excellent value, but they are feature-packed and available at a competitive price that makes them worth buying.

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