4 Consumer Electronics Startups To Keep an Eye On

There are so many different consumer electronics startups that you should have your eye on. There are countless startups making noise in the industry. Because of this, it would be impossible to list them all. However, some startups are making more noise than others. Here are some of the top consumer electronic startups that you may want to consider keeping an eye on.

1. JLab Audio

While not technically a startup, JLab is one of the leaders in the space. They are pushing the boundaries on consumer tech. They are known for selling some of the highest quality and most affordable earbuds and other audio headphones. They have been doing a lot to ensure they are pushing the industry forward. They’ve even built out a virtual fitting room to give people an idea of what the experience will be like and to see how the buds will look when they buy them. They are doing this to reduce the high return rate that a lot of earbud companies have to deal with.

2. Courant

This company is one of the startups that is completely changing the game when it comes to charging. They sell some of the best-looking chargers you will find in the marketplace. They sell aesthetically pleasing electronics. They are making beautiful designs whereas a lot of their competition just makes functioning accessories. They know how much people enjoy having nice-looking things and they are making chargers that can serve as decorative pieces rather than ugly cables and charging solutions. Their chargers can be found in department stores and online. If you are interested in charging technology and more, you should be paying attention to them.

3. Insta360

This is a company that is known for making a camera that can record 360-degrees. This camera is now being used to live stream amazing events like Nasa launches and more. They have excellent stabilization and other features that make them a compelling option for professionals and consumers alike.

4. Light

Light is a startup that is looking to ensure people have a way to keep in touch without being distracted. The modern smartphone has a lot of things that will distract you daily. If you want a phone that isn’t going to throw all of those distractions in front of you so you can achieve optimal focus, you’re going to need the phone from Light. Light sells a phone that is only equipped with all of the essentials that a traditional phone used to have. That way, you aren’t tempted to spend all day scrolling through TikTok and Twitter. You will have a phone that can be used for communication alone.

As you can see, there are a lot of different consumer electronics startups that you should be paying close attention to. Listing them all would take forever. The ones mentioned above are only some of the best startups to keep an eye on when you are looking at the best startups and innovative companies to keep an eye on.

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